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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why we do what we do

Why we do what we do:
Nelson Storage began a mere six years ago as a large, empty warehouse in the wide open expanses of rural Nelson County. The truism that "stuff" expands to fill the available space has been proven tenfold in the 25,000 square feet that are now bursting with the rescued detritus from construction sites, destruction sites, auctions, and landfull-destined piles.
The owners of Nelson Storage LLC have spent 20-odd years reclaiming modern and antique architectural pieces, with an eye to the unique and unexpected, both commercial and household: architectural salvage doors, household items, mantels, sinks, windows, tile, and much more.
It is very important to us to do everything we can to minimize the waste stream, whether that means recycling, reuse, or repurposing trash into furniture. The architectural and industrial pieces we find are beautiful in their own right, but we enjoy turning them into functional pieces.
I freely admit that when my husband saw great beauty in the Lineberry carts and Nutting carts used in furniture factories across the country, I suggested he have his eyesight checked. He saw coffee tables, garden ornaments, and historic architectural detail. I saw heavy, dirty, broken-down carts that took up tons of useful space. When he restored them into breathtaking works of art, I demurred. When, a year later, Restoration Hardware began offering them for over $1,000, I had to eat my words. I hope that you find as much beauty in them as we do, and I hope that you enjoy looking at our gallery of artifacts, which are quickly disappearing from our everyday lives. Add a little history to your life soon.

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